warming, dynamic, feel-good Pilates class

In our virtual Springwall classes we creatively take the more familiar mat exercises done with the spring wall at the studio (think a selection of springs attached to a board on the wall like in the photo opposite) and we magically rework them to give you a warming, dynamic, feel-good Pilates class.


Using your body, your mat and perhaps a few small props, you find your own ‘resistance’ and ‘assistance’ instead of it coming from the spring and foot/hand straps.

Springwall class is suitable for all ages and abilities.

During these 45 minute classes we will guide you through a series of flowing, functional movements and using clever cuing we recreate the feeling of using the Springwall, encouraging you to connect with yourself in new, interesting ways so that your body better understands where it is and how its moving in space. We often use household items instead of the springs such as a dining room chair or a wall, along with some small Pilates equipment like the dynaband or softball to give you similar feedback.

Creating a stronger body from the inside out, each exercise in the Springwall class builds on the last to help you strengthen your core postural muscles which support the spine and balance the whole body.


The beauty of this whole-body approach is that it not only lengthens, strengthens and encourages flexibility to make for a lean, toned well-connected body, you’ll find the class is also incredibly relaxing, even for the busiest of minds.


Familiar exercises that might pop up in your virtual Springwall class include


  • Bridging

  • Arm series

  • Feet in straps

  • The roll up

  • Sidelying leg series

  • Kneeling/standing arm work

  • Mermaid/cleopatra

  • Swimming

  • Swan

  • Quadruped

  • Scooter

And so so much more!

"A fun full body workout"