online REFORMER PILATEs on the mat


Reformer Pilates is a wonderful way to experience Pilates. 

Our Online Reformer on the Mat classes recreate the traditional Reformer exercises and bringing them to the mat in the comfort of your own home. We use equipment you have at home, broom sticks, bands and weights or cans of beans. You will experience a flowing full body experience as if you were at the studio.

We offer various levels for our Reformer Pilates classes:

Mixed level Reformer Pilates class:


A multi level class to suit everyone whether new to Reformer or a little more experienced. Ideal whether recovering from injury and needing adaptations to those just wanting to move in a safe enjoyable way. Options will be shown throughout the class to suit everyone. 

Improver Reformer Pilates class:


A perfect class for those people who are wanting to move forward from the beginner Reformer class. As you will already be familiar with the workings of the Reformer the class will flow at a faster pace allowing you to experience more movements and new repertoire throughout the session. 

Dynamic Reformer Pilates class:


A fun flowing Class with elements of traditional reformer exercises plus work on the Jumpboard adding extra energy to the session. Perfect for people who are already familiar with the Reformer but looking for an extra challenge.


Experienced Reformer Pilates class: 


A perfect class for anyone who is already experienced at working on the Reformer and looking for a more challenging full body movement session. It’s a faster paced class working on flowing reformer repertoire incorporating more advanced level exercises.

"​Move well, feel well, look well."

Pilates Reformer - Spring assistance and resistance.

Reformer Class is an apparatus based exercise class. The exercises help with injury or ailment rehabilitation. This class will strengthen, tone and improve flexibility. It will address all your movement, alignment and postural needs.

Reformer classes require a prerequisite 1-2-1 or group induction.

Prevent injuries and
age related conditions