Invest in your body's future

Pilates Apparatus will enhance your Pilates practice. Using apparatus will help you:

  • Invest in your body's future. 

  • Prevent injuries and age related conditions.

  • Gain confidence that you are getting it right.

Studio Apparatus Class 
This is a circuit style class using all of the traditional Pilates Machines to offer a full body workout. Maximum of 8.

Restorative Studio Equipment Class
Suitable for anyone with pelvic health conditions, post surgery, e.g. spine, hysterectomy, joint replacement, chronic pain.  

"​Move well, feel well, look well."

Pilates Reformer - Spring assistance and resistance.

Reformer Class is an apparatus based exercise class. The exercises help with injury or ailment rehabilitation. This class will strengthen, tone and improve flexibility. It will address all your movement, alignment and postural needs.

Reformer classes require a prerequisite 1-2-1 or group induction.

Prevent injuries and
age related conditions