Pilates Fits EveryBody

Recently a very special lady said to me that she felt too big to do Pilates & that it was really only for slim people!! That statement filled me with sadness and surprise. One of the reasons I am so drawn to Pilates is because it is truly accessible to EveryBody!

This passing statement was a great reminder to me that not everyone knows or believes that and that so many of us see things about ourselves as limiting!!

The very nature of the equipment created by Joseph Pilates was about making movement accessible to those who were seriously ill or injured. Giving support and feedback through the springs of what is now the Trapeze and Reformer. The Pilates we know today has evolved from there. It isn't a one size fits all, it is a a set of principles and exercises that are carefully selected and taught with a strong underpinning understanding of anatomy, physiology and movement. This is why literally AnyBody can do Pilates and benefit from it.

What I am describing is the Pilates world I live in where it's lifelong training and learning. Not the fitness Pilates world where training is short and exercise focused versus being focused on health and the individual.

Pilates to me is about health and well being, longevity and balance. It is about the individual and the community. It's about starting where you are! It's non competitive and non judgmental. I literally don't see limits. I see potential. When a new client comes to me I am like a kid in a sweet shop giddy with the opportunity to share my skills and passion and help this person fulfil their goals. My existing clients often tell me that what I do is so different to other fitness and Pilates classes. A client told me that she describes Pilates as "an investment in to your future health and well being." Another described my teaching saying "you work magic... you are brilliant at adapting what you know for the person in front of you."

I recognise that Pilates can be portrayed as being about aesthetics and for the elite. I also see the cultural influences on us from celebrity and media. However, I subscribe to the Healthy is the New Skinny thinking and believe that a healthy balanced lifestyle will change your aesthetic as a byproduct.

"Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things"

Joseph Pilates

When I set up my first ever Pilates classes 15 years ago my tag line was accessible exercise! I don't see limits I see our potential as limitless and that Pilates is accessible positive movement for EveryBody!!! I continue to live by this tag line in this new chapter of my Pilates life.

My mission for 2017 is to spread the word that Pilates isn't just for the elite or the already fit. It is a lifestyle and a mind and body balancing activity suitable for EveryBody. It starts with changing the limiting beliefs in our own mind.

"It’s the mind itself which shapes the body."

Joseph Pilates

Chapel Allerton Pilates is one small studio in Leeds but Social Media spans the globe. So to truly make what I do accessible I will offer a number of FREE resources using the wonders of Social Media. I will write blogs, share YouTube videos, Vlogs, Facebook and Instagram posts.

To kick it off I am launching a Chapel Allerton Pilates Facebook Group. This group will have homework videos, coaching tips, recipe ideas and lots lots more. It will be a place to support each other in achieving our lifestyle and Pilates goals. A FREE interactive resource for you to kick start your New Year. Based on that familiar quote we have used for our annual New Year New You Challenge it will run for 10 weeks from 9th January.

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body."

Please join me on Facebook or just help me share this thinking about Pilates by sending to friends and sharing on your social media.

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