1st Birthday Reflection

I have been thinking about titles, labels and awards! Is it like Art? Someone names it as Art therefore it is Art? My gorgeous talented cousin was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize with the Jazz band Dinasour. This is the musicians award! Selected and awarded to someone for the quality and authenticity of their work by their peers! Dinosaur are highly acclaimed by their peers because of the quality and integrity of their work and not being drawn into the commercial side of the music industry. They are a truly dedicated to the music. I have been thinking about this a lot! 

In the last few weeks I've been celebrating a year in my new studio in Chapel Allerton. It has caused me to ask what I am dedicated to? what do I stand for and what is really important to me. It’s not always easy to name these things myself but I have been listening to others around me reflecting back to me. 

It started at a networking event I attended recently for the first time! It was lovely bumping into people I haven't seen in years and developing new friendships! What struck me was that people introduced me as an expert in various things and someone to talk to!? Me?! Why? I'm just ‘Winging It!' Then I had a party to celebrate my first year in Chapel Allerton. I wanted to have this party to show my gratitude to friends, family, clients and colleges for their help, support and loyalty over the past year(s). It then came as a huge surprise when people thanked me, Showed gratitude to me?! People even took the time to write cards with incredibly kind words. Students came and told me I was inspiring and a great mentor?! Again me?! This weekend I was proud to begin hosting a phenomenal course at the studio where some attendees I have known for many years expressed their confidence in the course because I vouched for it. 

Today I took the day off to be mum! Big boy was off with daddy to the American Football so it was just me and the wee boys! We called to check progress on their journey to London and when we hung up I said what I always do to the boys. “We love daddy, he is a very good daddy!” This was followed by Harris “you are a very good mummy!” And Ewan “we love you!”

Even as I write all these things down I feel uncomfortable but I also feel valued, loved and respected. I realise that although I have been given several titles or labels that I am proud of like Polestar Pilates Mentor, Studio owner, Friend, Mum and Wife it is not the title that's important to me it’s when it’s reflected back from the people that it matters to, that I really believe it and that is when it really means something! It’s honesty and authenticity that is important. It is People that matter most not titles. 

This is the foundation of how I live my life, parent my children, teach and run the studio. I am so grateful to all of you who believe in me and value my approach and continue to show your belief in me with your loyalty.

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