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Two Sparrow Boys Ready For a Massage!

I have attended many many trainings, workshops and course over the years and have been reflecting on just how many and how far I have travelled and how much I have spent seeking the training to suit me. Of course one of my lightbulbs is that they all suited me! They all form part of my journey and inform who I am and how and why I teach the way I do and also how I run my studio and how I live my life! It has given me a very large tool bag to draw on. The courses I attend now are often marketed to Body Workers and or Movement Teachers as if they are separate entities!!?? I see how it is described this way because I am qualified and insured to teach Pilates to improve peoples movement and Body Workers are qualified and insured to use their hands to improve someone's movement. However it needs to be marketed my other lightbulb is that whether we treat the body as a Physio or Massage Therapist or teach Yoga or Pilates we are working with the body to aid positive change! We are all Body Workers! So it has been brewing in me for a while and I know others that have already seen the light but now not only do I see myself as a Body Worker in my Pilates work I am now embarking on Manual Therapy Course. The Hendrickson Method. I started out thinking 'I'm at the beginning'. However, after an incredible introduction weekend with a gracious humble teacher and group, I realise I'm not at the beginning. Of course not because I'm already a Bodyworker, this is just the next step on my journey and more to add to my bag of tools. It's all about the body, function and movement whatever tools we have to help people find it. All of these reflections and of course the Hendrickson Method will influence my daily teaching and how I lead Pilates teacher training.

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