Enjoy The Little Things

A few years ago I learned the phrase FOMO when it was applied to me. Fear of Missing Out! Sometimes I think we focus on the big stuff, the big achievements and big goals and even the big Pilates moves. Sometimes at the studio people get exercise envy. We joke about it often, when you see someone doing something fabulous and you forget what you’re doing and join in. Nothing wrong with that, having fun and exploring new movements. However, what I have been thinking about this week, well this year actually, is that the little things build the big things. Doing the foundation movements that build your skill to do those big fun moves.  

My dear gran used to say “if you watch the pennies, the pounds will watch themselves!” I don’t think she really meant just pennies. It is the little moments and little opportunities that build the foundations of our life and happiness. This year has brought great change for my family and it has had an impact on my priorities and my FOMO has shifted! So this weekend I paused for a moment and I spent it at home on Sparrow Island enjoying the little things that bring me joy!  

So folks enjoy the little things & share what brings you joy!

Claire x

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