New Year Intentions

I’m thinking, like many of you about how I’d like to start this year! What are my intentions personally, physically & professionally! 

This guiding quote is from Polestar founder Brent Anderson & one I use daily in my teaching! It’s about looking for efficiency in movement to gain optimum results! I will continue to teach this principle & apply it more in my own practice but more so this year in my life! 

The question is are the important things that require my energy, focus & attention? 

Sometimes we set huge goals & lists of things to do & achieve that puts more effort, energy expenditure & stress on ourselves! I propose to do the opposite! Scale back! Refine! Do less but do it well!!! 

Starting with making a list of what I spend my time doing?! Then making a list of what’s important, what I want to spend time doing then compare & refinine!  Why not join me? What would be on your list?

“Say yes to happiness!”

Sparrow Boys 

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