Pilates Happiness & Me

Scott & I happy in our studio built together.

“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness”

Joseph Pilates

This quote is featured on signs in our studio and on our website, people often comment on it and photograph it for instagram. It’is one of Joseph Pilates most famous and thought provoking quotes. Just yesterday I was reminded by a dear client and friend about how far I have come and how much I have done in my life in the ten plus years she’s known me.

Some of you reading this have been part of my journey for many years and some for only a short time and there are those of you who I am yet to meet but you still experience a hint of me when you come to the studio.

I had a vision and I am still building it. I am not alone! I have a tribe behind me, with me and supporting me! So although I am the architect of my own happiness, I couldn’t do it alone.

I also think it is more than just me I am the architect for. I am the architect of my family, my team and my Pilates communities happiness too.

When I took the step to open my studio in Chapel Allerton it offered the opportunity for more people to access the benefits of Pilates and more teachers to share their skills and passion for Pilates. It also opened the door for it to be a family business.

I am so grateful that being the architect created and continues to create happiness for me, my family and the community around me. It’s like *Tensegrity or Biotensegrity!! We are interconnected and as I make a move the impact of that can be felt at the other end of the structure.

This still only feels like the beginning and I have so much more happiness to build and share!

Watch this space 2019 will be an amazing year for the studio and my broader community!


You can start being the architect of your own bodies happiness by doing some really simple Pilates at home & make some healthy lifestyle changes. See last weeks blog and our youtube channel for ideas.

*Tensigrity model: first appiled in architectural sturctures by Buckminster Fuller

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