Claire and Scott Featured in Costco Magazine

So who saw Claire and Scott's happy smiling faces from the pages of Costco Wholesale UK February issue?

Costco put together a very special issue on 'Couples who have successfully melded their professional and personal lives' and who better to feature than our very own Claire and Scott.

'Claire and Scott Sparrow own and operate Leeds-based Chapel Allerton Pilates. Claire opened the studio in 2017, after 20 years together and 17 years of marriage. Shortly afterward, Scott quit his job of 25 years as a school teacher to help take care of the administrative, accounting, banking and many other day-to-day needs of the business'.

'Scott: When the opportunity to leave my teaching job arose, it was a natural progression into what has become the family business. I was worried that my new role would be repetitive and boring. However, I find the work stimulating and the days just fly by. We have both noticed a huge difference, mostly in the time we can spend with our sons— Arran, 14; Harris, 9; and Ewan, 5. I have a much better work-life balance now.

Claire: The hardest thing for me was letting go, because I had held all the cards for so long. But now that I’ve done that, what a relief it is. It allowed me the time and space to become a better Pilates teacher.

Scott: Being my own boss provides the fulfilment I need as a person to grow and develop as a husband, father and business partner.

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