Pilates Awareness Day - Free Pilates

Save the date for our Pilates Awareness Day on Saturday 31st August, 1-5pm. Our timetable of FREE Pilates is now live and bookable on Mind Body online. There will be lots of free classes, including opportunities to try the Reformer in our Reformer studio, Springwall, Mat, Pre + Post Natal, a Pelvic Health Talk from Claire and the chance to look around the entire studio, refreshments, delicious treats and so much more! See list of free classes below: Taster A specialist teacher will teach you a 25 minute sample class. This will be an example of some of the sorts of exercises you would expect to learn in this class and how they will benefit you. Orientation In this 25 minute orientation you will learn about the apparatus and how it can benefit you. You will understand how to use it safely including setting up springs, boxes and more. You will also learn some basic exercises on the apparatus. Pelvic Health Talk Claire will give a brief talk summarising her thesis study on Pelvic Organ Prolapse. She proposes a new understanding of the condition and how Pilates can truly help. She will also explain what to expect in the new course she has written for women who have any pelvic health conditions starting in September. Pre & Post Natal Taster Women’s health specialist and mum of 3 Studio Director Claire Sparrow will lead you through some exercises that will help in preparation for birth and to restore back to health after birth. It will also be an opportunity to ask any questions about safe exercises during pregnancy, Post natal, if you have diastasis recti or Pelvic Prolapse. You are welcome to attend with your baby. 121’s why, Screenings & what is the Pilates Gym We believe in progressing people towards achieving their individual health, well being and fitness goals and to do this we aim to assess new clients movement with a short screening. This will help us guide you to the most beneficial class for you to achieve your goals and you will know where you are starting and measure your successes when you attend classes regularly with us. In this session we can assess you, explain the benefits of 121 and the Pilates gym and give you a chance to try some of the apparatus. Chapel Allerton Pilates What & Why Learn about what we do and why we do it. Not all Pilates is the same and we pride ourselves in providing highly experienced and qualified teachers with a passion for Pilates and education both their own and yours. In this talk Ria will give an informal talk and question and answer about the benefits to you of joining classes at Chapel Allerton Pilates. What Is Reformer In this session our specialist teacher will explain the history and benefits of the Pilates Reformer and teach you the basic anatomy of the Reformer and how it works. All team/have a go The team get together to answer questions, demonstrate or teach exercises specific to your goals, sports, condition or injury.

***** EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT ****** *New clients buying a block of 5 or 10 classes on the day will receive a 10% discount. * offer valid for new clients only

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