Meet Sorcha, Our New Massage Therapist

Meet Socha Cassels-Brown, our new Holistic and Hot Stones Massage Therapist.

Hi Sorcha, welcome to the Chapel Allerton Pilates team. Please tell us more about the massage therapy that you offer?

I offer Holistic and Hot Stones Massage. Both are both deeply relaxing and therapeutic styles of massage and every massage is always tailored to the clients needs.

Holistic Massage focuses on both the physical and emotional well-being of the client, taking into account any aches or pains they may have whilst also considering their energy and stress levels for example. In a holistic massage I can incorporate lots of slow rhythmical strokes, deep tissue massage and gentle stretches and movement to joints depending on the client.

Holistic Massage is the perfect massage for someone wanting to make some time for themselves to help relax and re-balance their body.

The benefits of a Holistic Massage are:

- Alleviates muscle tension, bringing relief to aches and pains

- Relieves feelings of stress and anxiety

- Helps to increase flexibility and range of motion

- Enhances quality of sleep

A Hot Stones Massage is the perfect treatment in these colder winter months. I use similar strokes and techniques to that of a Holistic Massage but use smooth Volcanic Basalt Stones. The stones are heated up to the perfect temperature, placed on the body during the massage and are used within the strokes of massage. The heat helps to penetrate the muscles and allows me to work deeply whilst also giving a relaxing massage. Not only does the heat feel incredible for the body, a hot stone massage can provide greater relief from aches and pains due to the nature of the massage.

Hot Stones Massage

Benefits of a Hot Stones Massage include:

- Improved blood circulation and flow of energy

- Create a sense of comfort and warmth

- Relief from muscle spasms, pain and tension

When did you do your massage training?

I started my training as a Holistic Massage Therapist in October 2018 and spent 9 months learning all about the body, the mind and the wonderful powers of massage. I am fascinated and passionate about this form of body work and since completing the course in June 2019 I have completed further training in Hot Stone Massage and Pregnancy Massage. This year I have a few more courses lined up, focusing on Deep Tissue massage and Myofascial Release. I love incorporating lots of different styles of bodywork to suit every client's need.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

As a massage therapist I meet so many different clients with different needs but they all have one thing in common, they have chosen massage as way of enhancing their well-being. It is a great privilege when my skills and passion combine to have a positive impact on my client's, whether it be physical discomfort, work stresses or difficulty sleeping.

Pregnancy Massage

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

Although pregnancy can be a wonderful time for the mother, many physical, hormonal and emotional changes take place in the body as the baby develops. This can put strain on different areas of the body, causing aches and pains, feelings of fatigue and bring about feelings of anxiety and stress. Massage is a great way to help alleviate symptoms associated with pregnancy, helping to encourage a sense of relaxation and build a connection between mother and baby.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage include:

- Helps to release muscle tension and joint pain

- Relaxation helps to calm the mind, relieving anxiety and enhancing mood and quality of sleep for the mother

- The stimulating effects of the massage strokes help to increase circulation, increasing the flow of nutrients delivered to the baby via the placenta.

- Massage aids the lymphatic system by stimulating the white cells of the immune system, encouraging the elimination of waste and toxins, which will help relieve oedema or swelling

What are the benefits of having a regular massage?

Regular massage is effective at helping improve your overall well-being, not just for the period you’re on the table, but as an ongoing process. As well as helping with muscle tension receiving regular massages can help promote healthy systems within our body including our nervous, digestive and lymphatic system.

Benefits of regular massages include:

- Massage stimulates your body to release endorphins, our 'feel good' hormones that help to enhance mood and relieve stress and anxiety

- If you suffer from digestive issues, such as IBS holistic massage can provide some relief from the symptoms as it helps balance the digestive system.-Massage helps to stimulating the lymphatic system, flushing more toxins out your body to help improve your immune system and boost your energy levels

Can massage compliment a Pilates Practice?

They compliment each other very well. I believe both massage and Pilates are both great forms of bodywork which help us connect to our bodies and take care of our well-being. What could be better than a relaxing massage after you've worked hard in your Pilates class?!

What do you get up to when you are not in the studio massaging?

When I am not at work, I'm usually out salsa dancing, going for walks with my dog or getting lots of massages for myself!

To book a massage with Sorcha and to find out more about her prices and availability and a very special November 2019 offer please see below.

Massage Treatments

November Offer for all Pilates Students

35 minute neck, head & face massage £20

Holistic Massage

30mins £20

45mins £30

60mins £40

Pregnancy Massage

60mins £40

90mins £65

Hot Stones Massage (available from mid November)

30mins £30

45mins £40

60mins £50


Tuesdays 9.30am-5pm

Wednesdays 11am-7.30pm

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