Emotions Need Motion, By Ria

When the news was revealed a few weeks ago that we had to close our beautiful studio, I straight up hit a state of denial. There were a lot of internal ‘eeks’. It didn’t really feel real, and we all threw ourselves into figuring out an online transition so we can carry on doing what we love doing, teaching Pilates to you lovely lot!

Pilates on Film

There was then another (this time big) ‘eek’ at the thought of being on film-I don’t know about you but I hate having my picture taken! There was also the concern of potential tech issues, but I kind of had to get over it pretty quickly - as a self employed person it’s just what we do isn’t it?! I was then so surprised at the detail I could see (no hiding from or cheating your way through those more warming moves!), and the personal service I could offer, not forgetting the most important thing for many of us at this time, the very authentic connection with the people joining in. There was the usual cheeky banter if not more before we moved through our class!

Your Regular Pilates During the Chaos

I think what kept me motivated was the very strong desire to do my teeny part to be of service to our clients because well, you’re our clients! But also to give both myself and all of you some familiarity and some structure during this ever-changing, chaotic, scary time. Personally it’s hard for me to find the right balance when it comes to structure so that I don’t feel like things get too rigid, but there’s still a sense of routine. Weekends have been especially hard because going back to the denial thing, it’s been easier to throw myself into work than to accept being in my own company, which I do not mind at all in short bursts but for months? Another ‘eek’!

Show Up

I also thought to myself, well who am I going to be right now and how am I going to show up at this weird time? Part of me hopes that all of this will bring a different meaning to our lives, that something positive has to come from all of this. Is it possible to lean gently into the unknown with curiosity rather than completely freak out?! And don’t get me wrong, I am not downplaying the seriousness of the virus and the impact on our lives.

Emotions Need Motion

One thing I do know is that our emotions need motion, ie Pilates! We hold so, so much in our bodies and that energy needs to shift; it needs to work it’s way through us if we are to survive this both mentally and physically. We are all feeling so much right now, and grief is so personal-we are all grieving what was normal and trying to figure out what the heck is our new normal!

In that quest to figure out what is our new normal, I’d like to sign off my little blog post by sharing a quote that I heard on a recent Brené Brown podcast from her guest Glennon Doyle:

“What is inside of us is often more real than what is outside of us... maybe imagination is not where we go to escape reality but maybe imagination is where we go to discover the truest reality.”

I’m still figuring out my own answers, but maybe you’ll join me in a little self reflection about what kind of world you’d like to live in after all of this. Maybe this is our chance to make a new life for ourselves, which I know sounds quite heavy, quite ‘eek’ (my word for anxiety!), but it could also be very positive and even exciting, don’t you think?

Remember health is wealth, so look after your lovely selves and I look forward to seeing you online soon.

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