We are in this together

My studio is made from love commitment and community.

It is not a solo adventure, it is a family affair, a tribe of beautiful humans have built it alongside my team, clients and I. We are in it together! It’s a symbiotic relationship built on expertise, trust and passion for education and self improvement! I am determined for my studio to still feel like my studio.


We worked hard introducing elements to encourage relaxation the moment you walk in, and I know from the beautiful feedback from our clients that we achieved just that.

I am adiment that we can adhere to the guidelines set out without making our environment clinical.

Community Spirit

People need more than ever to get out and be in community safely and comfortably to ground them and return them to a natural and normal state. Releasing them out of the fight or flight traumatic state they might have been in and bring them some security, normality and comfort.

Reduce Plastic Waste

At Chapel Allerton Pilates, we have done our best to achieve this by thinking about the little things.  Like this bottle which has high grade hand sanitiser that does not dry out your hands, gives protection and is not in an ugly plastic bottle.  We are always reducing our plastic use and waste and we still can! We have our giant eco friendly hand wash decanted into nice

glass bottle dispensers too! This virus does not define us! We define us and I am putting my slightly control freak tendency to good use by doing everything I can to continue teaching the highest quality Pilates within an inspiring and calming environment!

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