Fulfilling a Pilates Teaching Dream


Claire, Louise, Natalie & Liz

I am proud to be fulfilling my dream of running an apprenticeship program that supports Pilates Teachers in achieving their goals and potential.

I have always known I was a teacher. My gran would call me bossy boots when I was growing up so she defiantly knew. It is a more refined process now though. I can see the deep potential in people whether it is a client in pain looking to move easier and pain-free or a fledgeling teacher who lacks confidence. I can now see what I have to offer not only the client in pain but the teacher. I recognise my almost 20 years of experience teaching, running a business and working with so many beautiful humans. 

Teaching Pilates is an art form. I like to say as a Pilates teacher I am a guide a sherpa rather than an instructor. I am not looking for my ideal I am helping you find yours. I am not aiming to achieve my goals but supporting you in achieving yours. This is the same with my new trio of apprentices. I am here to help each of them define and create their own Pilates teaching goals and dreams.

Like a sculptor can see a beautiful statue within a lump of clay I can see a confident teacher within a nervous novice. After all, at one time that was me. If people had not seen my potential I may not be where I am today. 

So why an apprenticeship I hear you ask? Well, it is so simple to me that the best way to learn is to do! I have always been such a strong believer in vocational education for many reasons. Firstly, it is more accessible and attainable to those with a kinaesthetic learning style or those who are dyslexic, both like myself. Secondly, to book learn a practical skill is totally illogical to me. Finally, it is almost impossible to notate all the nuances of the human mind and body and how it responds and how we have to adapt to each and every unique individual that we work with. Much like learning a language is easier when you are absorbed into the country and culture of its Origen, learning the language of Pilates is easier absorbed when you immerse yourself in the studio culture.  

It is also important to mention that this is how Joseph Pilates passed on his method. Clients attended his New York Studio extremely frequently and when they demonstrated consistent commitment and true understanding of his method they were then appointed as assistants and were then allowed to teach small components of the method. 

Over the coming months, myself and my advanced teaching team will be sharing our experience and skills with three apprentices Liz, Louise and Natalie. You will see them at the studio most days and you can also join their classes to support their progress. Each has completed the full comprehensive training through Polestar Pilates and has extensive personal experience and transformation through Pilates making them ideal teachers.  

You can join our Apprentice Classes: 

Saturday 9am Mat Class Louise Cooke

Saturday 11am Reformer Class Liz Eastwood

Tuesday 7am Studio Circuit Class Natalie Sowden-Carr


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