International Women's Day

As you know today is International Women’s day. What a great way to support women and Community! I love it.

I have been thinking a lot about it on the week leading up to it and as many of you will have too I have been thinking of all the amazing women who have influenced and supported me in my life past and present. I have also been thinking about the Sweaty Betty Campaign raising awareness of mental health and supporting the charity Mind.

I have experienced the challenging effects of mental health, depression and anxiety affecting people close to me and have myself experienced this after the birth of my first son. I have always turned to my physical health to feed my mental health even as a young dancer and after the advice of a forward-thinking health visitor.

This week I realised that not only do I fuel my heart, soul, mind and body with exercise, in particular #pilates, I am also deeply fuelled by Community. I turn to my community to be with them whether it is teaching clients or walking with friends I feel better with Community. I recently read in the @loriharder book A Tribe Called Bliss (I highly recommend it) that “Women who have strong social circles live longer, happier, healthier lives compared to those who lack supportive connections.” Absolutely!

Community is core to my life and work and the communities I have created not just Chapel Allerton Pilates and Hosted By ME, but also the ones with no name are as much for me as they are for the people I create them for. I have also been drawn to other communities of women who support me and hold me accountable to the goals and dreams I have for my life and work.

It is all about Women & Community!

I am so grateful today that I have encouraging communities and the tools to support my mental health and understand that SELF CARE ISN’T SELFISH!

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