Lolita San Miguel in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Lolita San Miguel

Hosted by Movement Education is delighted to announce that they have arranged for First Generation Pilates teacher Lolita San Miguel to travel to Leeds, West Yorkshire for two very special events in April. Both events are co-hosted by Chapel Allerton Pilates.

Join Lolita San Miguel for 'An Evening with Lolita San Miguel' on Monday 29th April and Historical Mat Pilates Day on Tuesday 30th April.

About Lolita San Miguel Lolita trained in ballet at the School of American Ballet and also studied other forms of dance such as Spanish, Modern and Jazz, as well as piano. Lolita graduated in 1952 from Performing Arts High School, a wonderful school that pioneered the concept of combining the arts with a formal education. Upon graduation, Lolita joined the Slavenska – Franklin Ballet Company and toured the U.S. on a bus for 48 weeks. Lolita then went on to join the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in 1954 where she became a soloist. In 1958 Lolita suffered a knee injury and was advised by her Doctor that she would need knee surgery and recommended Lolita keep the quadriceps strong in order to protect the knee joint, therefore, suggested that she attend Carola Trier’s Pilates Studio. Carola Trier had been trained by Joseph Pilates. She was an ex-dancer and acrobat and her studio in Manhattan was frequented by dancers and athletes in need of fitness and rehabilitation. Ms. Trier had two assistants working for her Romana Kryzanowska and Kathleen Stanford Grant. This was Lolita’s first introduction to The Pilates Method and the beginning of a romance, which has lasted till the present day. After being a client of Mrs. Trier for many years she suggested that when Lolita stopped dancing, that she became her apprentice to teach The Pilates Method. Lolita went on to apprentice with Carola for 520 hours, (26 weeks, 20 hours a week) under the auspices of New York State University Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and became the only person that Carola Trier ever certified. Following this training Lolita discovered that Joseph Pilates was alive and had his studio several blocks away from Carola’s at 939 Eighth Ave. In 2009 I began a new phase as a teacher with the Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master Mentor Program. The two-year program for certified teachers with three years of teaching experience has brought me excellent, devoted teachers from all six continents. They bond beautifully since they are all truly passionate about The Pilates Method. They named themselves “Lolita’s Disciples™” and they will be imparting my legacy to many others through my training program. They bring me great joy!

Lolita San Miguel

An Evening With Lolita San Miguel

Monday 29th April, 6:45-9:15pm An evening with Lolita San Miguel, First Generation Pilates Teacher, trained by Joseph Pilates. Riley Theatre 98 Chapeltown Road Leeds LS7 4BH Capacity: 230 Cost: £49 Includes: - Arrival drinks - 2 hour talk from Lolita on her training including a Q&A session with the audience. - Group photograph Attendees can submit their questions via Facebook ahead of the event.

Historial Mat Day Date: Tuesday 30th April 2019, 9am-4pm

Capacity: 40 Cost: £250 Location: Northern School of Contemporary Dance 98 Chapeltown Road Leeds LS7 4BH Lolita is a shining example of someone who is personally invested in the development and professionalism of the Pilates industry. Lolita challenges herself to continue learning and mentoring to continue meeting our developing industry standards. She is a true leader, someone who has the ultimate in direct knowledge of the ‘historic’ Pilates technique. Lolita will share this experience with you first hand at this very special Lolita shares Historical Mat Pilates Day with you. Includes: **Lunch and a certificate of attendance signed by Lolita** Introduction A brief lecture on the history of Joseph and Cara Pilates and the Pilates Method Lolita’s background and how she came across the method in 1958 Mat work: Warm up - Floor warm up with an emphasis on breathing, foot work and use of the gaze. Mat Repertoire and beginner, intermediate and advanced levels - Principles of breathing and alignment at all competency levels - The original props – ball, dowell and ring for use at all levels - Examination of how Joseph Pilates and Carola Trier taught mat work compared to how the exercises are taught now by Lolita and other First and Second Generation teachers. - Repertoire variations; application of sports science to classical ‘repertoire’ - Rollover - Rollups and Hundred - Saw - Regarding ‘Sequencing’ – how Joseph Pilates taught, how Lolita teaches today Partner work at intermediate level - Rollover - Roll up - Teaser Advanced level repertoire - Boomerang - Corkscrew - Neck pull - Control Balance Cool down - Finish with standing work – translation of floor work to standing - Head work - Shoulder, arm, elbow mobility - Standing roll down - Walk out into elephant - Postural assessment - Plies, releves - Gait

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