Morning Pilates

Do you move your body as soon as you get out of bed? Or do you slope off to the kitchen and put the kettle on? Sometimes even the simplest of movements can prepare your body for the day ahead. This might be a simple stretch, arms in the air followed by a yawn or you might be more inclined to roll out your Pilates mat and do a couple of minutes of simple movement.

How about a spikey ball by your bed? Use it first thing in the morning to wake up the muscles and get you mobile ready for the day ahead and if you keep it by your bed you could adopt the same routine before you go to sleep at night. Fun fact, did you know that rolling each foot over a spiky ball in a 10-minute session just before bedtime can be a great way to boost circulation in your lower extremities as well as help you feel calmer so that you can fall asleep faster, and sleep better too? Perhaps it’s time to keep a spikey ball by your bed for a quick morning and before bed routine?

Here are our 5 Benefits of morning Pilates:

1. Wake-up your body

We often feel like we are on a treadmill with lots of things to do and a never-ending to-do list. Therefore, stretching and movement can sometimes fall below other morning priorities. It is very important to wake up your body, muscles and your mind.

2. Ease your transition from sleep

You might have slept in an awkward position or had an unrestful night’s sleep. By adopting a morning Pilates morning routine your body will become accustomed to a very gentle way to wake up all your muscles, relieve any stiffness and tightness so you’re ready to face the day.

3. Energise your core

The core is your body’s centre, not only does it facilitate movement, but it also houses your inner organs and central nervous system. Therefore, it’s very important so any morning core work you can fit into your day will help with just about everything.

4. Set the tone for the rest of your day

When you schedule your day by committing to a Pilates class you are setting your intention for the day and this will hopefully reflect in your productivity.

5. Jumpstart your metabolism

By beginning your day with a Pilates class, you begin moving the body in a style that oxygenates the muscles by lengthening them whilst pumping blood through them. This action immediately turns on your metabolism. Consequently, your breakfast after class will not be consumed at a slow metabolic rate, because after this style of workout your body is already fired up. Everything you put in your body for the day will be burned at a faster, healthier and more efficient rate.

At Chapel Allerton Pilates we run a range of morning classes as listed below, all of which we highly recommend. But if you’re looking for a ‘before work’ class option we highly recommend Dani’s 7:30am Springwall for mixed abilities. This is a unique class which incorporates a fusion of mat, small equipment and spring assisted mat movements. It provides you a fun, full body functional class and at 45 minutes long you will have enough time to get to the office. We assure you, this class will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, stretched and maybe even a little bit taller.

Book a class at Chapel Allerton Pilates here.

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