Nourish and Flourish 2021

New Year Nourish You 2021 is about you discovering and learning the skills to expand from what is already within you to enable you to flourish in 2021.

We have had such a year of awakening and appreciating the importance of community and togetherness. We have found inner strength resilience and changed our priorities throughout this challenging year. New Year Nourish You is a brand new programme unlike anything we have done before, designed to help you strengthen and sustain these positive changes.

New Year Nourish You is not about measurements or aesthetics. It is about feeling good from the inside out. It is about coming together and flourishing in 2021 and taking this awakening that we have all had and keeping hold of it and not falling back into old habits.

There have been positives to come out of this global pandemic. For example the joy of having more time with people and moving our bodies, not just for our health but for our long term wellbeing including injury prevention. New Year Nourish you is a community created to encourage you to connect with yourself & others as we navigate together through the first quarter of 2021.

New Year Nourish You aims to make you feel good in mind and body in 2021.

The Ten Week New Year Nourish You Programme

The programme will not just be pilates. It will include;

  1. Goal setting

  2. Intention setting

  3. Meditation

  4. Playful movement

  5. Discovery of Fascia-focused movement

  6. A mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions

  7. Private Facebook group with a teacher supporting the group each week, encouraging and prompting.

Learn the skills to Flourish in 2021 and enhance and bring out what you already have deep within you.

More information coming soon...

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