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My guilty pleasure is detective shows and not the good ones like Taggart but they cheesy ones like Magnum PI and Lethal Weapon! I know shocking isn’t it!

Anyway, the thing is I am a detective. I have to be. Pilates is a whole-body approach so in order for me to help someone move well and feel well I have to investigate the story. The story of their body that is. The fractures, the forgotten surgeries, the episiotomy, the head injury, the osteoporosis, the repeatedly sprained ankle and all the rest that unravels bit by bit. All of these elements all add up and tell a story in your body. People say “but that’s fine now!” Or “That was when I was a teenager!” Or “My youngest is 40 now.” Like somehow time has erased those stories from their body.

I am literally laughing to myself as I write this. I have so many stories of situations where I have said have you ever…… fill in the blank, and shock horror has flooded across the clients face like I have some kind of superpower when they say “how did you know that,….I’d forgotten I …broke that, had that surgery, that lung collapsed…..” Or there are the ones that say “oh I didn’t think it was relevant?! Like someone's double hip replacement or prolapse or appendix that was removed!

Everything is relevant!!

So as a teacher it is super important to ask questions, be curious and enquire because we are all detectives. We can also encourage our clients to be detectives too. What are the stories in their bodies and how can Pilates help bring balance back. I am proud this is something our team do really well @chapelallertonpilates

As you know from my last blog This Term I started work with my first group of apprentices, junior detectives if you like. One of the big things I will be instilling in them is the importance of having a curious mindset and understanding that the first thing that shows up is not always the guilty party. We have to dig deep offer variations that allow the body to find its way back to health.

You can follow their progress here in my blogs and on Chapel Allerton Pilates Facebook and Instagram. Join them in their classes starting in January and you can even book a private lesson for only £35 from 6th January to 1st April 2020. Email me for more info.

You can also start being your own personal detective? What are you focusing your attention on? Is that really the guilty party? Have you forgotten to tell your teacher at Chapel Allerton Pilates about a major surgery or bout of illness? How could that information help us help you?

Tell me what your investigations uncover and subscribe to my blog to hear more insights from and to follow the story of our apprentices.

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Claire x

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