Pre Pilates for Whole Body Pelvic Health Course

I have jokingly been saying that the Pre Pilates Whole Body Pelvic Health course is my life work! Actually that is no joke. This course is an accumulation of my experience, training and research since I had my first son in 2005. 

I had never heard of diastasic recti or pelvic organ prolapse until then let alone thought of it ever happening to me. I always thought I was strong and healthy and immune to injury especially pelvic floor injury. I was a dancer and a Pilates teachers after all!? 

Mmm well not quite. It turns out being strong can actually go against you! I was able to hold my baby in and had a little trouble getting him out! The impact of this was both diastasis recti when the abdominal muscles separate and a mild pelvic organ prolapse. These are big things to admit and at first seemed like a weakness because like I said I was a dancer and a Pilates Teacher after all these things shouldn’t happen to me. Yet they did! 

Things started to change once I began to learn more about the necessary resting tone in the body and that you can actually be hyper toned, plus understanding the need for elasticity and flexibility, combined with my advanced training in anatomy and understanding the deep connections and relationships in the body. So this course is in part a reflection of my own personal journey to whole body health combined with my education into anatomy and current fascia research. 

Today my core is strong and flexible and my prolapse is restored all through the use of the Pre Pilates Method I evolved over the last 15 years. I recently did Couch to 5k without any leaking or any pain anywhere, well except for my legs on occasion! I run after my three boys, climb and play all sorts of sports with them! I am the active mum they need me to be without the fear of my body not supporting me!

That is the joy of this work! You get to live the life you want! Limitless, active, pain free, leak free life! If you want these results for your life I would love you to join the community of like minded women that I have created!

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