The Bridge to Nowhere

Here I am balancing #teasertuesday style on the The Bridge to Nowhere on the Isle of Lewis.

It is quite an intriguing place and story behind it. The bridge was to connect two areas of land bringing two communities together. It needed both communities to agree and take time out of their farming duties to undertake the labour intensive work of building the bridge and the connecting roads. However, each community had different priorities and whilst one downed farming tools for building tools and built their road and the bridge the other focused on farming and the result was a bridge to nowhere.

It reminded me that as a pilates teacher it is super important to me that I work together with clients sharing priorities, identifying the goals and working together toward an agreed outcome. Otherwise we are on a bridge to nowhere.

I recently had a client start with me who categorically asked me not to tell him too much. He wanted to know how not why! That was a serious challenge for me because as I explain to people I am a why learner therefore I am a why teacher. I guess I never grew out of that toddler phase of asking “but why, but why, but why?” The point is, I have to adapt my teaching to meet my client where he is as well as teach him what he needs to achieve his goals so we bring both our different roads together to build the bridge. I love the challenge! I love being reminded that I still need to adapt to the client. Love my job!

As a team at Chapel Allerton Pilates we pride ourselves in meeting clients where they are and bringing our expertise to the client. If you contact our excellent support team they will listen to your goals and match you up with the teacher with the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Back to the Bridge to Nowhere! I don’t think we are on a Bridge to Nowhere, I think we are Bridging the gap, making connections and coming together!!!! In our studio and between studios & teachers all over the world!

The idea of Bridge & Bridging feature in the #Pilates method as a movement we do but also more now as it pertains to connecting the community! Our community comes together and connects every Tuesday to celebrate and connect with one of the movements that unifies us whoever we are & wherever we are in the world! Pilates is a bridge that can unite us and unite you with yourself!!!



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