What is a Pilates Dynamic Mat Class?

We caught up with Dani Tatterson to find out more about her Dynamic Mat class.

You teach several classes at Chapel Allerton Pilates one of which is Dynamic Mat 7:30-8:30pm every Thursday can you tell us a little bit more about the class?

The Dynamic Mat class is a great opportunity to take your Pilates practise to the next level and immerse yourself in the sixth Principle of Movement, 'Movement Integration'. The sixth Principle of Movement of 'Movement Integration' takes all the previous five principles; Breathing, Axial Elongation & Core Control, Spine Articulation, Organisation of the Head, Neck & Shoulders, and Alignment and Weight Bearing of the Extremities, and puts them all in to one. The movements that require Movement Integration tend to be the more challenging movements of the Pilates repertoire.

Therefore, the Dynamic Mat Class incorporates the traditional mat work repertoire developed by Joseph Pilates with the addition of functional dynamic movement with a huge dollop of fun, tempo and pace to leave you feeling energised at the end of the class.

It sounds great. Please can you talk us through a typical class?

A typical class consists of a warm up and then we move onto a mixture of abdominal ab series, leg circle work, bridging work (single leg and shoulder bridging), roll up work (roll up, teaser), rolling work (rolling like a ball, seal, open leg rocker, boomerang), roll over series (roll over, corkscrew, jack knife, control balance etc), seated work (spine twist, spine stretch, saw), quadruped work, plank and side plank work (leg pull front, push up, star, side bend, the twist, side kick series), kneeling work, extension work (swan I, II and III, swimming, rocking) and standing work (standing balances, squats, roll down), plus further functional dynamic movements taken from the world of movement.

The class aims to transition fluidly between movements, challenges your ability to keep going and your ability to piece together the principles of movement for full movement integration.

Who is the class aimed at?

​The Dynamic Mat class is aimed at all those clients who are generally fit and able, any physical issues should be discussed with a member of the team before booking on.

Do people need to have mat class experience to attend?

Previous experience of mat work is useful but not necessary. If you've attended the Pilates gym, studio equipment or reformer classes and you are physically fit and able then you should be fine. If you are unsure, please do ask a member of our team. In addition, a good way to build up to the Dynamic Mat class would be to come along to the other types of mat classes and equipment classes to gain experience of Pilates movement and the movement principles first.

Does a Dynamic mat class compliment other styles of Pilates for example Reformer?

​Yes! Reformer work, Studio Equipment and Mat work all go hand in hand with each other, there are benefits to be gained from all styles of Pilates and they all complement each other.

If you could describe Dynamic Mat in three words what would they be?

​Energising, Fun, and Challenging.


To join a Dynamic Mat class with Dani, please log onto your Mind Body account and book into her weekly session which runs every Thursday at 7:30-8:30pm.

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